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Conversion Rating and Navigation

By on June 17, 2016

A high conversion rating is very important for your online business, a visitor on your website needs a clear navigation and it must be easy to make contact or making an order. A visitor who’s visiting your website and he have to search how to make contact or make an order will be irritated if he can’t find it fast enough and you will risk to loose your potential customer.

A good navigation on your website will increase your conversion rating, if you look at our website it’s easy to find our contact information because the button is visible in the header on every page. When a visitor visits your website it must be easy to reach the most important pages on your website, when you have a web-shop it must be easy to find, order and pay for a product. Keep this in your mind when you setup your web-shop, 95% of the people who order products on internet need a high conversion rating because they don’t want to use a lot time for online shopping.

So, make a good menu where your products are categorized and easy to find. Make a button in your menu to the check-out page and to your contact information page, with a good navigation a visitor will be turned faster into a paying and returning visitor. With a bad navigation your visitor will irritated and will leave your web-shop to search for a other web-shop and you will loose your potential customer.

Rich content will increase your conversion rating

Yes, rich content will increase your conversion….

Higher conversion rating

But what is rich content? When you sell products you need to give product information, it depends on the product what information you can give. In most cases it’s possible to make a wide product description, photo’s, video and other information that is important for your customer. Rich content means in this case a good product description with photo’s and if it’s possible a video. When the visitor of you web-shop finds the right info he will choose faster for your web-shop and this way rich content will increase your conversion.

Call to action to increase your sale conversion rating

Call to action is not difficult but in many cases it will be forgotten, what we mean with call to action? Call to action when applied on the right way will increase your conversion rating. When a visitor is interested in your product and he want to buy it he need to see the button to order the product fast, the button must be visible near your product like the button on this page if you would like to get in touch with us.

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