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Lead generation Thailand for any organization

By on May 1, 2017

Lead generation Thailand for any organization

Lead generation services with warranty and 80% to 100% conversion to new customers can be bought exclusive at ICB Websolutions. Leads ensure continuity and growth for your company. But, not every lead meets the criteria of your company.

By outsourcing your lead generation to ICB Websolutions you will receive exclusive leads fitting to your business criteria. Concerning ICB Websolutions means exclusive that these leads are only delivered to your organization and never to any competitor.

Leads are never sold to other companies. ICB Websolutions is your supplier for b2b online lead generation. The qualified leads have a conversion rate between 80 and 100 percent to new customers for your organization. ICB Websolutions generates leads with guarantee in Thailand.

Why outsourcing Lead generation

Performing acquisition, customer acquisition or lead generation, yourself isn´t efficient, old fashioned and frustrating for your employees. Sales- and account managers bring the highest value for you company when visiting customers and prospects.

In practices sales- and account managers are too expensive to generate leads themselves. Beside this, they are experts in postponing this activity and mostly don´t like cold acquisition. In cooperation with you, ICB Websolutions can take care of your B2B or B2C Lead generation, all based on your qualification criteria to achieve an optimal result.

ICB Websolutions gives guarantee on the qualified leads. When qualified leads don´t meet your criteria, you don´t have to pay for them. As a compensation you get 2000 THB from ICB Websolutions. Until now, ICB Websolutions never had to pay compensation, the qualification process doesn´t tolerate mistakes.

Exclusive cooperation B2B and B2C leading

Create Leads with Lead generation

ICB Websolutions is a Lead provider, with lead generation as core business, based on an exclusive cooperation for one supplier/vendor per branch. Reselling of leads is fully excluded within this concept. The way ICB Websolutions generates B2B leads can be found in method. The cooperation for the B2C-market is also exclusive, but the customer (lead) approach is different. The qualification process is exactly the same as the

B2B-concept. When you sell products or services to companies, organizations and individuals, a combined (B2B and B2C) cooperation is possible. The cost for B2B and/or B2C Lead generation can be found in tariffs.

Clear appointments
To achieve an optimal result it´s necessary to make clear working appointments. These appointments will be defined in the Document Appointments & Procedures (DAP). The DAP will also contain the criteria for the Lead qualification. The DAP is a dynamic document which easily can be changed during the cooperation.

How many leads
Customers want to know in advance how many leads ICB Websolutions can generate for them. Based on a telephone call and a search word analyze, we can calculate what the maximum amount per month can be. This amount is a gross result, the qualification criteria can and will strongly influence the net result.

The amount of qualified leads which ICB Websolutions can generate for you, determines the price per lead and the cost for Marketing. It´s important for your organization, as well as for ICB Websolutions, to have a clear picture and the right expectations.

Do you think that the explanation is a bit bluntly? In principle we agree, but we work hard to stay the ´Best Lead provider´ in Thailand. This not only affects our focus, but also our vision and the relationship with our customers. We use our full time for Lead generation, to give our customers and ICB Websolutions the chance to perform the most optimal.

We wait for your reaction

You are looking for lead sources and new customers, you want to buy affordable B2B and/or B2C lead and you prefer/like a ´No Nonsense´ approach with clearly defined agreements? During a ten minutes telephone call with ICB Websolutions lead generation specialist, we jointly can decide whether ICB Websolutions can generate leads for your organization. These leads contribute to the continuity and growth of your business.

For more detailed information please our website at : https://www.virgoleads.asia

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