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By on June 15, 2016

What is Link Building and why is it so important for your website?

Great!! You started a website and used a lot of time to create good pages with useful unique content and picture’s and maybe some video’s about your services and/or products so let the customers come…., unfortunately it doesn’t work that way. When you think creating a good website is a hard job then you are wrong. Creating a website is just the easy part of running a online business, to receive visitors to your website it’s important that you follow the rules of SEO – Search Engine Optimization, after you optimized every page of your website by the SEO rules (on-page optimization) you can start with Link Building (off-page optimization).

Definition of Link Building?

First we’ll explain you what a Link is, a link is a reference or a recommendation someone gives you about your service or product like you give a LIKE on Facebook but to get visitors from search engines like Google you need to build links to your website that are related to your business – for example if you sell classic motorcycles on your website you need links from motorcycle related websites, it would be strange if you receive links from websites who sell food because food is not related to motorcycles. So, what is the best subject (topic) for you website? Tools like Majestic.com can help you to find the right topic for your website, on this page we published a list with the available topics to make it more easy to find the right topic for your website: List with available topics, when you try to find locations to publish a link to your website it’s important that the website is related to your website, so always check always the website with Majestic.com before you publish a link, a link that’s not related to your business can be harmful for your rankings in the search engines.

Why is Link Building so important for your website

link building

The internet has many websites and you can find everything, if you want people can find your website you need a good optimized website and links to your website. A website with no links will never be found in the search engines, it depends on your competitors and the quality of the links how many links you need to build for your website to get good rankings, don’t forget that link building never stops, when your website start to get better rankings your competitor will try to get his rankings back. So, it’s important for your website to get many high quality back links and other online promotions possibility’s to stay ahead of your competitors.

Link Building by ICB Websolutions

ICB Websolutions is a professional online marketing agency with many years of experience in the world of link building. ICB Websolutions build many connections with webmasters and other online marketing agency’s. We can help your website to get better rankings in the search engines by creating the right related back links for your website. If you are interested to work together with us please contact us, our contact information you can find on this page: Contact Information.

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